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Tema a fost actualizata in caz de intampinati probleme dati un mesaj privat lui sHok ❖ gfx

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  3. -=Rsk*vyrutz*=-

    votat 145 si 3 pe css
  4. illusive

    e frumos colorata
  5. RaFy1995

    Salut, i give you only Slot because you dont deserve the ADMIN! Send me PM with nick and Password!
  6. RaFy1995

    Votat! https://teamspeak-servers.org/server/12697/vote/
  7. illusive

    Pro for SLOT for now; in time, if you are constantly active and able to help this community with more than your simple presence, i'll gladly vouch for your admission in our team.
  8. ☆︎ marius c.

  9. ☆︎ marius c.

  10. ☆︎ marius c.

    Este o tema simpla si frumoasa , imi plac culorile folosite foarte frumos ! felicitari !
  11. Yesterday
  12. PlayBoY @ RoYaL

    :contra: I have not seen you on the server at all and you have no steam on to get a pro from any admin
  13. @n@cond@

    you don’t disurve to be in our comunity by by! you don’t help us with nothing thank you for your request
  14. -=Rsk*vyrutz*=-

    reject ... because you can*t help us with the server and improove to make it better ..good luck in the future
  15. vyrutz Asteapta pareri cat mai sincere!
  16. Game.Seth

    Contra. if u don't donate or enter on ts with us Sorry for you That's my decizion
  17. Nick: zIzOu BOoM Dz Age:18 Experience as admin [Very good/Good/Acceptable] Good Hours played (Click): 6hours Would you like to be a day or night admin?: day Steam(ON/OFF): on From where have you heard about us?: in game Could you donate at least 1 euro monthly?:no Are you conscious that if you don't respect our rules, you will get remove/down? yes Can you use the teamspeak? no I mention that I read the rules: yes
  18. In acest topic isi pot lasa Membrii nostrii parerile lor despre Tema noua!
  19. RaFy1995

    Ft frumoase lucrarile, tineo tot asa, respect!
  20. RaFy1995

    Nick: vyrutz Grad vechi: Owner Grad nou: Fondator Motiv: Activitate Server / Forum / TS3 / Donatie
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